C-ASSET is an enterprise mobile workforce management software that allows you to manage your field technicians in one unified platform, and a mobile app.Now you can get a clearer picture of your field employees' working day. Robust reporting helps to learn how your employee moves from point A to Z. You can track start and stop address, time, duration, and mileage.

  • Traceability of Assets - TLeverage a built-in tiered asset registry for effective maintenance and traceability of assets.
  • Field Service Integrations - Use seamless integrations with back-office systems, ERP, and analytics tools to oversee operations management.
  • Resource Planning - Conduct effective resource planning through skills matching.
  • Schedule Maintenance - Generate work orders and schedule recurring preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Location Tracking - Track the current geospatial location of assets in addition to the historical location over time.Visit report shows which client locations your employee visited. See all information on the map, grid, or export it to Excel.
  • Photo Mark Up - Capture before and after photos of assets and use mark-up tools to make annotations.
  • Mobile Workforce Management - Know where your field workforce is at all times and get the right expert to every appointment on time.

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